Riomar McCartney ✹ マッカートニー 龍馬

Born 1996 Japan. Raised in France. Currently based in Tokyo, Japan.

Portrait of myself, taken by Seitaro Nakano

Designer & Visual Artist. I am co-founder of, a creative design practice based in Tokyo & Hamburg, working on creating expressive work for cultures, brands and services internationally. We are also design partners at NobodySurf, the largest surf-video media in the world. Previously at ookami & Goodpatch.

This website is a collection of both commercial and personal work, photos, thoughts and occasional updates. If you want to reach out, send me a DM or Email, I'll try to answer it.

This website is set in Inter by Rasmus Andersson. My work, writing, and the design of this website are produced and copyrighted by Riomar McCartney. If you'd like to reuse any of the content outside the typical bounds of fair use, please contact me.

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2021-08-27 12:55


Hi! We may or may not have met before, but it's lovely to make your acquaintance. This is my website where I'll be writing some of my thoughts, sharing some work done in the past, write small updates, etc... some sort of diary / scrapbook I can keep on updating for the long term. Like an online archive with raw information, neatly organised.

That's about it for now, hopefully I'll keep on updating this. Until then, a bien tôt.